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Add multiple mp4 files to one video gallery


I have downloaded the HTML5Gallery free version and can try on the sample skins pages.

It is simple in coding.  However, when I add more different mp4 files on the gallery list, it's not working.

I wonder is it the free version allow 1 mp4 only?

I want to make sure that the gallery can handle multiple mp4 files on local drive before I can make purchase.


The free version is full functional, and the only limit is the watermark.

It supports multiple mp4 video files in one gallery.

You need to make sure your mp4 URL address in your HTML codes is correct and the mp4 file itself is HTML5 compatible.

If you directly open the mp4 file with Google Chrome and it can play, then it means it's HTML5 compatible with Chrome,  otherwise, you need to re-encode the video: