FLV format for video gallery


I'm interested in buying the HTML5 Gallery to use on a client's site.

I'm wondering is there a way to tweak the plugin so that for videos on the site I can offer an FLV with a fallback to MP4 for users without flash (e.g. iPhone, iPad etc)? If so could you provide a quick tutorial if I were to purchase?

All videos I'm uploading are hosted on the server & need to be accessible to as many users as possible, from my client's old desktops with IE7 to a smartphone.


You don't need the FLV format, one MP4 format is enough.

If HTML5 is not supported by the web browser or the device, the player will use Flash to play the mp4 file.

You can check here for more information: http://html5box.com/html5gallery/install.php#videoformat